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Breaking Boundaries: Mirus International’s Power Quality Solutions Propel High Power Applications to Unprecedented Heights

by | Aug 10, 2023


Mirus International has recently announced the extension of its product range for the Lineator Harmonic Filter and Inversine Sinewave Filter. Customers can now take advantage of Mirus’ industry leading power quality products in higher kW ranges than ever. The Lineator is now offered up to 4000 Horsepower and the Inversine up to 2000 Horsepower, for voltages up to 690 Volt. When paired with the optional Extreme Duty model of these filters, Mirus can offer exceptional performance in even the most challenging harmonics applications. This expansion comes as a result of Mirus’ endless dedication to meeting customer demands for higher power applications, and further establishes Mirus as an unparalleled provider of power quality solutions.