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Customer Survey
Federal Pacific and Line Power are both divisions of Electro-Mechanical Corporation of Bristol, Virginia, USA.
1. For which type of products are you completing this survey?
2. Why did you choose this product? (Select all that apply.)
3. Did this product function as specified?
4. Did this product function as specified?
5. If applicable, was the documentation included with the product satisfactory?
6. How would you rate this product?
7. Was the product delivered when required?
8. Was this product delivered when promised?
9. Was this product delivered in good condition?
10. Which, if any, Customer Support have you utilized (select all that apply.)
11. If applicable, did you receive customer support in a timely manner?
12. How would you rate the Factory customer support?
13. How would you rate this product's quality?
14. Based on this product experience, how likely are you to purchase another Federal Pacific/Line Power product?
15. Would you recommend Federal Pacific or Line power to other customers?
16. What, if any, improvements and/or features would you suggest for this product?
17. Please add any additional comments you may have regarding Federal Pacific, Line Power and/or this product?
18. What function(s) are you involved with regarding this product (check all that apply)?
19. Would you like to speak to someone at Federal Pacific or Line Power regarding this product or this survey?
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