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JULY 2019


Russell Leonard

Electro-Mechanical and the mining industry have been fundamentally linked to one another for many years. As noted in the last issue of The Grid, our Line Power division recently applied for a patent for the Modular Power System, demonstrating our continuing commitment to our mining partners, along with our goal of providing them with custom-designed solutions that address their operational needs and challenges.

That results-oriented, forward-looking approach is Electro-Mechanical’s foundation and legacy. As the energy industry has evolved — and continues to do so — we have kept in step and anticipated customer needs, which is why we are now well positioned to supply our partners in the green sector with responsive, customized innovations that are both sustainable and cost-effective.

Over the past several years, we have devoted time and attention to the renewables market, which is expected to grow by one-fifth in meeting global energy demand from 2018 to 2023, according to the International Energy Agency’s market analysis and forecast. During that same period, renewables will experience the fastest growth in the electricity sector and are forecast to meet more than 70% of global electricity generation growth, with solar power leading the way.

As you will see in this issue of The Grid, our Federal Pacific division is addressing this transition, offering a number of specialized switchgear products for our solar partners. If you have plans to incorporate solar or wind power into your energy solutions, or have any questions about these applications, I encourage you to take advantage of the personalized attention our team gives to each customer’s request and set of needs. Again, it’s all part of our commitment to our partners.

As always, if you have recently completed an installation or project, let us know so that we can applaud your achievements. Information and high-resolution photos can be sent to newsletter@electro-mechanical.com.

Russell Leonard
President and CEO


Padmount Solar Switchgear with Circuit Breaker Protection and Controls

Padmount Solar Switchgear with Circuit Breaker, Protection and Controls

Federal Pacific produces economical, air-insulated switchgear products for underground medium voltage distribution networks for solar farms. These products are designed to provide specific solutions required for solar applications, without the extra features often found in standard switchgear power components at a higher cost.

“We have the ability to develop our switchgear products with the precise functions our solar customers need ― no more, no less,” says Kent Jones, principal engineer at Electro-Mechanical Corporation. “With preconfigured, off-the-shelf products, they receive features they don’t need. We go in and ask what they want and develop products explicitly for their purposes ― with the exact features they request.

“For example, a customer can buy a standard pre-configured, full-featured recloser at a premium cost that includes a lot of unnecessary functions,” Jones says. “That’s like giving your grandmother a TV remote with a zillion features when she only wants to be able to turn the TV on and off, change the channels and adjust the volume. We can replace the recloser with a simple vacuum circuit breaker that only includes the essential elements. This gives our customers the functionality they need and saves them money at the same time.”

Federal Pacific’s reduced lead times for switchgear products help ensure that our customers meet their deadlines and get energized more quickly. Lead times for standard padmount switchgear products range from 6 to 8 weeks, and from 8 to 10 weeks for standard metal-enclosed switchgear products. Special or engineered products range from 12 to 16 weeks.

Our switchgear products for solar applications include:

15 kV Metal-Enclosed MAVRiC® Switchgear (C1205)

  • Affordable, compact design used for medium voltage protection and tie point in a large-scale solar field.
  • Consists of two MAVRiC® vacuum fault interrupter bays.
  • Characteristics: Outdoor Type 3R, Category B, bolted modular construction.

Solar Field Padmount Switchgear (C1149)

  • Power distribution and protection in a large solar field.
  • Typical design is a 35kV, 150kV BIL, dead-front, air-insulated, stainless steel pad-mounted switchgear.

25kV Padmount Vacuum Circuit Breaker for Solar (C1289)

  • Power switching and protection within a solar farm medium voltage distribution.
  • A dead-front switchgear vacuum circuit breaker is a simple and economical solution for switching underground medium voltage circuits. The breaker is excellent for remote operation, a high quantity of operations, circuit isolation and reconfiguration.
  • Characteristics: 25kv outdoor vacuum fault interrupter switchgear.

15kV Padmount Vacuum Circuit Breaker for Solar (C1285)

  • Power switching and protection within the solar farm medium voltage distribution.
  • A dead-front switchgear vacuum circuit breaker is a simple and economical solution for switching underground medium voltage circuits. The breaker is excellent for remote operation, a high quantity of operations, circuit isolation and reconfiguration. This configuration is fitted with an extra set of PTs for neutral sensing on a Delta system.
  • Characteristics: 15kV outdoor vacuum fault interrupter switchgear.

For more information about Federal Pacific’s switchgear products for underground medium-voltage distribution, contact Chris Ambrose, Switchgear Product Manager, at chris.ambrose@electro-mechanical.com or 276.645.8221, or Kent Jones, Principal Engineer, at kent.jones@electro-mechanical.com or 727.247.3173.


Electro-Mechanical is fortunate to employ a number of specialists who are dedicated to providing solutions to our customers’ needs. Federal Pacific’s Transformer team, which focuses on Low Voltage Stock Transformers, Low and Medium Voltage Engineered Transformers, and Metal Enclosed Switchgear, stands ready to answer your questions and provide assistance. If you need information on pricing, customer service or technical support, give this talented team a call!

Transformer Team

Left Side of Sign: (Front Row) Tim Neal (left), Director of C&I Products; Dalton DeBord, SAE; Elena Foreman, Customer Service. (Back Row) Mike DiBartolo (left), Database Application Designer; Ethan Green, SAE.

Right Side of Sign: (Front Row) Susan Stout (left), Customer Service; Tiffany Fee, Customer Service; Tracey Canter, Customer Service. (Middle Row) Kelly Messick (left), Channel Manager; Linda Mahaffey, Customer Service. (Back Row) John Fleenor, SAE.

Not Pictured: Mike Walls, Transformer Sales & Application Engineering Manager; Jeremy Stanley, SAE.


Electro-Mechanical has been named the recipient of the 2019 Cigna Outstanding Culture of Well-Being Award. Representatives from Cigna and USI Insurance Services presented EMC with the award during a private ceremony at the Bristol, Virginia-based location on Wednesday, June 26.

“Electro-Mechanical Corporation is honored to be recognized by Cigna for our commitment to enhancing organizational performance for a healthy and productive workforce,” says Mike Stollings, vice president of human resources for EMC. “We appreciate Cigna for providing us with the tools needed to benchmark the health and well-being of our employees and their family members, and look forward to continuing our quest for improving quality of life, developing positive lifestyle habits and education, and building a stronger, healthier community for those who help us succeed.”

Each year, Cigna recognizes companies for their commitment to improving the physical and emotional health and well-being of employees through a variety of wellness programs in the workplace. EMC was evaluated on the subjects of leadership, organizational foundations, policy and environment, program implementation and participation.

Since 2016, EMC has partnered with Cigna to provide health insurance for 862 employees and their family members. Thirty-three of Cigna’s clients in its Mid-Atlantic market region, which includes Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., applied for the 2019 award program, and more than 300 applications were submitted by clients nationwide. As the top recipient, EMC’s data will be featured in Cigna’s annual “Let’s Do Well Together” brochure.

“Cigna is committed to improving the health and well-being of our communities across the globe, and companies like Electro-Mechanical Corporation are a true asset in offering a personalized approach to community engagement,” says Cindy Ellis, health promotion manager for Cigna. “It’s gratifying to see our client being recognized for their commitment to creating health and wellness programs, lifestyle management programs, and more in order to encourage their employees and family members to make healthy lifestyle decisions.”

Electro Mechanical Cigna Award

Pictured, left to right: Rudolph Robinson Jr., senior client manager for Cigna; Cindy Ellis, health promotion manager for Cigna; Lee Hannah, vice president of sales for Cigna; Mike Stollings, vice president of human resources for Electro-Mechanical Corporation; Laura Boardwine, senior human resource manager for Electro-Mechanical Corporation; and Rick Miller, account executive for USI Insurance Services.



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