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MARCH 2019


Russell Leonard

Throughout the past six decades, Electro-Mechanical has focused on delivering high-quality power distribution solutions that keep our customers operating at peak performance. Just as importantly, we’ve always provided the kind of customer service and technical understanding that fosters and maintains long-standing business relationships. These practices have built a network of EMC ties throughout a number of industries — something we’re very proud of — and contributed to our ongoing success. As we come to the end of a very successful first quarter, we look forward to continuing this momentum, expanding our industry presence, and celebrating our customers’ successes.

Across the industry, needs continue to evolve and change. EMC’s legacy and engineering know-how help us to anticipate these changes and offer our customers innovative solutions — including in the area of renewables. Read ahead to learn more about the ways we’ve invested in solar technologies, and how this important energy source can be incorporated into existing operations, helping those customers who are on-grid and off to take advantage of adaptive solutions in difficult environments, and to realize sustainable practices and cost savings as well.

We consider it a privilege to deliver products and support to customers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, in provinces across Canada, and countries throughout Central and South America. As we enter the second quarter of 2019, let us know how we can serve you and your power distribution needs. Reach out to us through the contact list provided below, or visit with us at one of our upcoming trade shows. And as always, if you have recently completed an installation or project, let us know so that we can applaud your achievements. Information and high-resolution photos can be sent to newsletter@electro-mechanical.com.

Russell Leonard
President and CEO


Colorado Springs Utilities Switchgear Use

Colorado Springs Utilities recently received delivery of their first Federal Pacific switchgear, which will be used to replace three types of switches in the utility’s system. These include older, rusting, oil-filled switches and SF6 gas-filled switches ― both of which are creating environmental problems and costly clean-up work; and older, air-insulated, fused switches. Replacement of the latter type of switches will simplify operation and reduce restoration time for the utility.

The 15kV Class Type PSE Dead-Front Pad-Mounted Switchgear chosen by Colorado Springs Utilities is a medium-voltage switchgear serving three-phase loads. It offers flexible protection for three-phase loads by providing three-phase interruptions to prevent “single-phasing.” Available relay settings provide a broad array of fuse equivalencies, eliminating the need to carry a wide range of fuses, which may not be physically interchangeable.

“We chose Federal Pacific after visiting another utility to see their switchgear and gauge their experience,” says Bill Galloway, P.E., managing engineer, Colorado Springs Utilities. “Federal Pacific was willing to create a custom design for us. This design is a hybrid in that it uses three air-insulated, load-break switches in conjunction with a three-phase solid-dielectric interrupter. Typical switchgear is manufactured with all solid-dielectric switches and interrupters, or all air-insulated switches and fuses.

“With the Federal Pacific switchgear, the switches are used on the 600 amp mainlines to allow branching to 600 amp circuit into one or two directions,” Galloway says. “The switchgear provides a protected, 200 amp tap to supply three-phase customers. The three single-phase interrupters can be used for single-phase circuits, tripping one at a time, or with the addition of a controller, can be used as a ganged-tripping interrupter for three-phase loads. Colorado Springs Utilities needs to provide ganged interruption for critical customers, making fuses unfeasible.”

Colorado Springs Utilities will gain numerous operational benefits from this hybrid switch, Galloway says.

  • The 600 amp, air-insulated switches provide a visual open, making it unnecessary to disconnect cables when work is being performed on the 600 amp circuit.
  • The availability of load-break, 200 amp elbows allow a quick visual open on the 200 amp circuit tied to the interrupters.
  • The interrupters can be configured as either three-phase, ganged tripping for sensitive, three-phase customers with motor loads, or as single-phase tripping, so only one phase is tripped and other single-phase customers can stay energized.
  • The pentahead slam-latch door mechanism has three-point latching and is easy to use.
  • The design reduces weight by not requiring a heavy tank to contain oil or SF6 gas, and will eliminate problems experienced with oil or gas insulation.

The new switchgear will save the utility money as well.

“Eliminating the need for oil or gas also eliminates the clean-up and disposal costs associated with them,” Galloway says. “In addition, by using the lower-cost, air-insulated load-break switches and bus work, interconnected with a solid-dielectric interrupter, the upfront cost is reduced when an interrupter is needed.”


At Federal Pacific, our products are manufactured for three distinct market segments: Utilities; Mining; and Commercial and Industrial. However, many of our Commercial and Industrial customers may not be aware that Federal Pacific’s economical, air-insulated, pad-mounted switchgear products for underground medium-voltage distribution are also a great fit for customers in the solar industry.

In addition to our switchgear products, Federal Pacific provides custom-engineered products and solutions for specific needs that solar customers may require, including:

  • Smart switching and automation
  • Parts/equipment for protection and metering

All of our products are manufactured with short lead times, ensuring a high level of responsiveness to customers’ fast-moving projects.

For more information about Federal Pacific’s products and solutions for solar applications, contact Kent Jones, principal engineer, at kent.jones@electro-mechanical.com or (727) 247-3173.


Federal Pacific, a division of Electro-Mechanical Corporation, is proud to recognize four top-selling low-voltage transformer agents who achieved $1 million and $2 million in sales during fiscal year 2018. Joseph E. Biben Sales, KAM Sales, Bill Wade and Associates, and Burrus & Matthews were honored by EMC during the 49th Annual National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA) Conference, held Feb. 6 – 9 in Dallas, Texas.

The NEMRA conference features educational sessions, manufacturer sales meetings, business review sessions, a product showcase and business service expo, and a general session with a keynote speaker.

“The industry is witnessing a strong year-over-year performance in low-voltage product offerings, and we expect to see growth in this area continue at EMC as we continue to develop strong relationships in the distribution network,” says Tim Neal, director of C&I Products for Federal Pacific. “We enjoyed meeting with partners and customers at the conference, and will be using the feedback we received from them to further optimize our response times and customer experiences.”

Joseph E. Biben, Sales

Pictured from left are Kelly Messick, channel manager, Federal Pacific; Chris Transue, vice president of sales, Joseph E. Biben Sales; and Tim Neal, director of C&I Products, Federal Pacific

KAM Sales

Pictured from left are Kelly Messick, channel manager, Federal Pacific; Chris Transue, vice president of sales, Joseph E. Biben Sales; and Tim Neal, director of C&I Products, Federal Pacific

Bill Wade and Associates

Pictured from left are Kelly Messick, channel manager, Federal Pacific; Mike Wade, Bill Wade and Cindy Wade-Brown of Bill Wade and Associates; and Tim Neal, director of C&I Products, Federal Pacific

Burrus & Matthews

Pictured from left are Kelly Messick, channel manager, Federal Pacific; Galen Hollar, president, Burrus & Matthews; and Tim Neal, director of C&I Products, Federal Pacific


Electro-Mechanical recently received the 2018 Innovations in Manufacturing Award from the Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing (SVAM). Each year, SVAM recognizes manufacturers from across Southwest Virginia for their success and the various ways they positively impact the community. We are honored to have received this recognition amongst our manufacturing peers throughout the region.

Visit https://www.swvam.org/unc…/2018-manufacturers-awards-banquet to learn more about the 2018 Manufacturers’ Award Banquet.

2018 SVAM Award EMC

Pictured from left are Electro-Mechanical employees Wayne Oler, plant manager; Thomas Hash, operational excellence technician; Alec Love, rebuild group leader; Ilija Vuckovic, area manager; Fred Holt, operational excellence manager; and Perry Green, group leader


Manufacturing Marvels SS4

Did you catch Electro-Mechanical on the Fox Business Network? EMC was recently featured during a Manufacturing Marvels segment, which airs on Lou Dobbs Tonight.

“It was great to welcome the Manufacturing Marvels video crew to our home in Bristol for a look at how we are meeting the power distribution needs of our national and overseas business partners,” says Russell Leonard, president and CEO of Electro-Mechanical. “We celebrated our 60th anniversary in 2018, and we’re excited to begin 2019 with this showcase of our co-workers, products and capabilities.”

Manufacturing Marvels features two-minute videos that spotlight North American manufacturers and their products, processes and customers.

If you missed the original broadcast, check out the video on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages!


Montreal, Quebec

CIM (Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum)
April 28 – May 1
Montreal, Quebec
Brian Harris


Longwall USA Exhibition and Conference
May 20 – 22
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Brian Harris

Boca Raton

7×24 Exchange Spring Conference
June 2 – 5
Boca Raton, Florida
Kent Jones


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Dave White, Central Regional Manager
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Kelly Messick, Channel Manager, Transformers
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